Message from Pastor Tracey

Dear Friend,

My passion is to establish believers in God’s Word. To help you stand  and boldly declare the message of faith, hope, love and truth in the word of GOD. I believe and teach that no matter anyone’s background or mistakes, God has a place for each one of us.

From troubled teen years, a failed marriage, and struggles over the years, my life is transparent, and my teachings are practical and can be applied to your life everyday.

I know that life is filled with challenges and opportunities and I believe that God wants us to face the enemy equipped to win. Faith causes change. When there is change, there is opportunity. As we grow in faith, the opportunities that God has for us grow. It is my desire for you to gain a wealth of knowledge and wisdom through my teachings, as you build your faith. I am here for you and welcome your comments and prayer requests.

Your Servant In Christ

Pastor Tracey