Pastor Tracey

Pastor Tracey Crocker is the Co-Founder and senior pastor of Berith Ministries International, Covenant House of Tampa Bay and TDC

image002Consulting Concepts, Inc. As a Pastor, Preacher, Bible teacher, prophet, wife and mother she is fueled by a passion to fulfill God’ call on her life, establishing believers in the word of God. Her desire is for the least, the last, the lost and the forgotten to experience the victory Jesus died to give them.
Many years ago, finding herself in need of victory, she discovered freedom to live victoriously through God’s Word. Her story is one of tragedy and victory, poverty and prosperity. She has dedicated her life to helping others find same Victory through Christ Jesus that she has found, boldly declaring a message of hope and truth.
Not afraid to deal with hard, relevant issues, she brings to light the importance of character building by merging spirituality with everyday living provokes people to pursue a life of integrity and excellence. She exhorts and encourages all around her to deepen their intimacy with God in order to fulfill the call on their life.
Pastor Tracey has taught on hundreds of subjects and has written works on Healing and Prayer. She holds Doctorates of Ministry with a concentration in Urban Ministry and Masters of Divinity and is currently working on her CAP certification with the NET Institute.
She is frequently heard saying “if God would let me do anything or go anywhere I would be right here.”