Becoming a Proverbs 31 Woman

It is my prayer that you will discover new insights that you can apply to your life.

Week 1

Are you ready for a fresh spiritual adventure? I’m so glad you have dedicated the next 31 days to reading and studying Proverbs 31. While you explore the riches of this amazing chapter, allow God to speak to your heart and change your life.

As you make this challenge a priority each day-opening your heart to the Lord, and asking Him to do a fresh work in your life-take your time with each verse. Whether you are currently married or single, saturate your mind with the truths you find regarding a woman’s heart, home and ministry, and consider how your own life reflects the characteristics of the Proverbs 31 woman.

Here are some things to look for as you study this first week:

Day 1: No one can deny the influence of a godly-or ungodly-mother. How do we know that the King’s mother influenced him for good?

Day 2: In regard to virtue, Proverbs 31 reveals the power of holiness in character. Where can you see evidence of this woman’s character in the King’s mother? 

Day 3: How do you think the Proverbs 31 woman’s life affected her husband’s status? Where can you see evidence of this? How can a woman enhance her husband’s occupation?

Day 4: Do you sense that this woman has a mission in life? If you had to write a mission statement for her life, how would it read?

Day 5: One of the King’s mother’s warnings was about something that destroys the strength of kings. What was the warning?

Day 6: Another of her warnings was about “strong drink.” What did she say about alcohol and justice?

Day 7: What are some of the reasons the husband of the Proverbs 31 woman can “safely trust in her?” 


Week 2

Day 8: Trace the value of being frugal (thrifty) in this chapter. How is this related to the Proverb 31 woman’s lifestyle of hard work?

Day 9: This chapter tells us that Proverbs 31 woman’s husband has “no need of spoil.” He is not worried that she will flirt with other men or be unfaithful, and he has no need to look elsewhere himself. Why is this?

Day 10: What qualities make the Proverbs 31 woman a good mother? Why would her children praise her inverse 28? (Focus more on who she is than what she does.)

Day 11: What does this chapter say about looking the best you can, while striving to be an example of dignity, strength and respect?

Day 12: What verses reveals the Proverbs 31 woman’s concern to grow, prepare, and serve good food for all in her household?

Day 13: What kind of handcrafts has this woman developed for the good of her household and as a means of making money for the family? What can you make that blesses your family and can become a source of income?

Day 14: Verse 12 says the Proverbs 31 woman will do her husband good “all the days” of her life. This presumes that marriage is for a lifetime. What can a woman do on a daily basis to build and strengthen her marriage?

The time you are spending is such a valuable opportunity to strengthen your walk and intimacy with the Lord. You are daily communing with your Creator about issues that will affect your life and roles as a woman. This is vitally important!

Repetition is valuable, because the Spirit of God will continue to work in your subconscious mind, applying God’s Word to your life, even when you are not aware of it. You may even find yourself memorizing some of these words-or the entire chapter.

So hang in there! If you “blow it” and miss a day, don’t give up! You are developing spiritual muscles on this journey, and God will reward you for your faithfulness. 


Week 3

As you study, look for these things:

Day 15: Several verses might relate to edifying a husband and others instead of nagging them. Where do you find this principle? Are you a nagging woman? What is the opposite of nagging?

Day 16: A virtuous woman is not overly concerned with her appearance, but she does strive to have a strong, healthy body. Where do you see that in this chapter? What does that mean for you, practically?

Day 17: The Proverbs 31 woman was wise in regard to financial matters, including making wise investments (v. 16). The Bible never expects women to leave their brains at the altar when they marry. Is there some area where you can learn how to bless your family through greater knowledge of financial principles?

Day 18: The Proverbs 31 woman reaches beyond her family to serve her community. We see this especially in verse 20. How does her example inspire you to be charitable and serve others?

Day 19: Why does this woman get up so early? What are your mornings like? Any changes you can make to be more effective in meeting needs?

Day 20: Verse 28 suggests that the virtuous woman’s children wake up in the morning with a happy sense of her value in their lives. What are your mornings like? Would your children see a model of virtue?

Day 21: What verses (in this entire chapter) show you that a woman of virtue should be as concerned about serving spiritual nourishment as physical food?

Week 4

Here are some things to look for in your final days of this study.

Day 22: Compare verse 25 with Proverbs 11:16 and 22. What do these verses say about being a woman of honor?

Day 23: Why is favor deceitful (v. 30)? Why is beauty vain?

Day 24: What does it mean to fear the Lord (verse 30)? Is this something you can develop along with faith and obedience?

Day 25: What does this chapter have to say about the tongue? What does “She opens her mouth with wisdom” mean to you? What does that rule out?

Day 26: The law of kindness in a woman’s mouth means that she is not a gossiper. Think about your relationships today. Are you speaking words of kindness about your family and friends?

Day 27: Verse 18 tells us the virtuous woman’s lamp does “not go out at night,” and verse 27 reminds us that she is always alert to the needs of her family. She can relax, but she is not lazy. She is industrious. Do you have a good balance in this area?

Day 28: What kind of woman is truly beautiful? How is this evident?

Day 29: Should a Christian woman strive to excel in every area (role) of her life? How do you know? How would you define “excellence?”

Day 30: Is there a difference between excellence and extravagance, especially as it relates to material things-clothing, household items, etc.? Explain your answer.

Day 31: Basically, verse 31 tells us that our works are a testimony to a watching world. What are your works saying?